Friday, 6 October 2017

11 movies well worth watching on TV this week

Kick-Ass   Sat   7/10   Syfy @ 21.00

Dave is a young comic book obsessed man who decides to become a superhero and soon discovers he is vastly out of his depth when it comes to fighting crime. Matthew Vaughn's film is a highly entertaining piece of work that's at once vicious, action packed and very very funny. Aaron Taylor Johnson plays the titular role in a likable manner but the film belongs to Chloe Grace Moritz as a four letter word spouting 10 year old with a fondness for destroying evil.

A Cry In The Dark   Sat   7/10   TG4 @ 21.30

A child is taken from it's parents and killed by wild dogs near Uluru in Australia and it isn't long before public perception turns against her. Best remembered for a line that's never actually said, this is actually a very good film with 2 superb lead performances from the always reliable Meryl Streep and Sam McNeill. A dark, disturbing look at how easily public opinion can be swayed and skewed.

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead   Sat   7/10   TCM @ 22.55

A group of gangsters are hired by a criminal to do a job. The job goes wrong and they find themselves on the run. Sounds predictable but a brilliant cast, some highly quotable dialogue and a dollop of surreal hilarity make it well worth a watch. Andy Garcia is a great lead, and the supporting cast of Christopher Walken, Fairuza Balk, Treat Williams and Bill Nunn amongst many others all add to the goodness.

Oranges And Sunshine   Sun   8/10   BBC2 @ 23.30

In Northern England in the early 90's a social worker delves into the scandal of children who were forcibly separated from their parents and sent to institutions in Australia. Emily Watson as always is superb in the lead role. This is a very good watch but one you should psych yourself up for as not surprisingly it's a desperately upsetting look at a shameful era of Britains history. Good support from Hugo Weaving and David Denham.

Changeling   Sun   8/10   ITV3 @ 23.05

In 1930's Los Angeles, a Woman's son is kidnapped and months later he's returned to her. But she doesn't recognise him and takes on the might of the LAPD to prove that she's right. A cracking tale of a mother's love and determination in the face of massive corruption and carried by a super performance from Angelina Jolie. This is not an enjoyable movie but it's one that will move you and make you righteously angry.

The Professionals   Mon   9/10   Film4 @ 11.00

After his wife disappears an uppity rancher tasks four hired guns to get her back. But is all what it seems? Of course not. A highly entertaining bit of Western fun with a superb cast full of familiar genre faces including Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Claudia Cardinale, Woody Strode and Jack Palance amongst others. And all shot on location in Death Valley in glorious technicolor. What's not to love?

I Origins   Tues   10/10   Film4 @ 23.25

A group of scientists working on the evolution of the human eye find their research is leading them to some strange and profound places. An unusual and original premise in a drama that's a bit all over the place but it's full of ambition, intrigue intelligence and is surprisingly entertaining and pretty fun in places. Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and Steven Yeun lead a solid cast.

The Last Stand   Wed   11/10   3E @ 22.00

In this Arizona set story a drug lord on the run is looking to get back to Mexico through a quiet border town. And the sheriff of that town? None other than a creaky old Arnold Schwarzeneggar. You can probably guess what happens. Arnie proves here in spades that he still has it. A highly entertaining bit of nonsense, full of fun and inventively bloody action sequences. Good support from Luis Guzman and Peter Stormare is the icing on top.

Starship Troopers   Wed   11/10   Syfy @ 22.00

Giant insects from outer space are threatening Earth. So Earth decides to send its best and brightest to threaten them back. Paul Verhoevens sci-fi spectacular may sound stupid but it's actually a very clever satire of fascism as well as being a really good action film. 20 years on and the special effects are still mindblowingly good in places too. The cast is fun with Neil Patrick Harris and Clancy Brown being the standouts.

Prisoners   Fri   13/10   TV3 @ 21.00

When a man's daughter goes missing his frustration with police efforts leads him to take matters into his own hands. Hugh Jackman is absolutely ferocious in this dark and disturbing thriller and Jake Gyllenhall as a detective investigating the case isn't too shabby either. It's a tough film, claustrophobic and harrowing in places and one that won't be for everyone. If you can stick with it though you'll be rewarded.

Centurion   Fri   13/10   Dave @ 21.00

After a Roman legion is massacred by a Pict tribe a handful of survivors find themselves fighting for their lives. One of Michael Fassbender's last films before he became a household name, this is a thoroughly entertaining action film set in Scotland nearly 2000 years ago. Thrilling, vicious and action packed and with a super cast. Olga Kurylenko is a highlight as a mute blood thirsty warrior & Liam Cunningham is great as usual.

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