Sunday, 17 December 2017

A perfect pairing of Sound & Vision. The finale of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

The finale of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly sees sneaky Tuco (The Ugly) arrive at Sad Hill cemetery by the skin of his teeth. It's a huge place. An arena of death. He races around to the sounds of Ennio Morricone's Ecstasy Of Gold. Will he ever find what he's looking for? The scene stretches on inexorably. The camera loses control of itself. It can't keep up with him. Then Tuco suddenly stops. The camera does a crash zoom. There it is. The grave of Arch Stanton and the promise of riches. But things are never quite that easy in the world of Spaghetti westerns. Angel Eyes is still around after all.

Without the music this scene would be ridiculous but the combination of the two turns it into something very special. That music would give a corpse goosebumps.
It's a perfectly named piece too. What's happening onscreen matching the song title. The promise of gold turning a grown man into a giddy fool.

Cinema just doesn't get better than this.

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