Monday, 11 September 2017

The Unsung heroes of cinema & TV part 23. Kurtwood Smith.

Kurtwood Smith 

 Another in a very very long line of fine actors who for one reason or another never got to make the jump to leading man material but have over the course of his career he's created numerous unforgettable characters on film and TV. Primarily a film actor for the first 2 decade of his working life but a shrewd leap to TV in the late 90's gave him a major career boost and he's rarely off the small screen since. 

 He's been a space president ruling over a federation of 1000's of planets. He's disapproved of Mork's teaching style. Starred in some of the biggest action franchises of the 80's and 90's and some of the worst direct to video films of the 80's and 90's. He's fretted over hijacked trains and US battleships and stolen stealth bombers. He taught John Travolta how to dance in a very early role. He's dealt with Mulder and Scully, Benjamin Cisco and Kathryn Janeway, Jack Bauer and Kitty Foreman. Been in Woody Allen films one year and Christopher Lambert films the next. He's been all over the shop in a near 40 year career and it's always great to see him pop up onscreen. Check out his career here. 

Greatest Hits 

Robocop. Clarence Boddicker. One of the most intimidating villains to ever grace the silver screen. That baldy head and glasses combo, terrifying. Only he could make a line like "Can you fly Bobby?" so scary. A pure bastard. Quotable as hell. And as is right and proper gets one of the best and bloodiest death scenes of the 80's. 

That 70's Show. Red Foreman. The father in a show about teenagers and the funniest of all of them. A mean, cynical, tight, briary bastard of a man who owns the screen every single time he appears. 

Dead Poet's Society. A stern and harsh man who discovers in the worst possible way what will happen when you are too strict with your children. 

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