Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A perfect pairing of Sound & Vision part 18. The Omen. Priestly shish kebab.

Jerry's Goldsmiths soundtrack for The Omen is legendary. Even if you haven't seen the film you'll recognise the music, especially Ave Satani. It's been creeping people out for 40 years and is still effective today. The piece of music used here is titled "The Killer Storm" and as you'll see its a pretty apt name.

The words "Versus Christus, AvÄ“ Satani!" translate to "Hail Antichrist, Hail Satan!" Eek.

Full of shrieks and otherworldly cries it's very unsettling stuff and therefore fits this scene of a priest coming a cropper by evil forces after he warns a man that he is unwittingly raising the son of the devil. My favourite thing about this is that it's set in bright daylight in the middle of London. The daytime isn't supposed to be terrifying but here it turns nightmarish fast and that's all down to the music.

The scene itself is supremely hokey but the combination of sight and sound just works perfectly. Plus you just gotta love that ending. 

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