Saturday, 1 July 2017

10 films worth catching on Freeview TV this week

Catch Me If You Can   Sat   1/7   RTE2 @ 19.00

The story of Frank Abagnale, a teenager who conned his way around the world. Leonardo DiCaprio is cracking fun in the lead role and Tom Hanks is solid as always as the FBI agent tasked with catching him. Throw in Christopher Walken in super form as Frank's Da as the icing on the cake  A sorely underrated film from Steven Spielberg right here. Extremely entertaining but with a dark cautionary edge.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll   Sat   1/7   BBC2 @ 23.00

A biopic of Ian Dury, a man who overcame the ravages of polio to build himself a successful music career in the hey day of the 1970's UK punk scene. Dury is played to perfection by Andy Serkis in a rare non CGI role. A wee bit livelier and entertaining than your usual musical biopic due to a lovely surreal edge. The supporting cast is excellent too with loads of well known UK actors like Naomie Harris, Ray Winstone and Olivia Colman.

Das Boot   Sun   2/7   RTE2 @ 00.25

Set in 1942 during the Battle of the Atlantic, this is about the crew of a German submarine and the daily horrors they faced trying to stay alive in WW2. An unusual film in that we see the war through German eyes and see these men for what they were, ordinary joe's following commands and suffering for it. Intense, claustrophobic and frightening stuff but really worth a watch. Jurgen Prochnow in the lead is phenomenal.

Twelve Monkeys   Sun   2/7   Syfy @ 21.00

A convicted criminal is sent back in time to gather information to help stop a plague that has decimated the earth of the future. But he gets sent back further than he should have been. Terry Gilliam's time travel thriller is brilliantly bonkers and utterly compelling with an ending that will have you drawing diagrams to understand it all. Bruce Willis is at his best in the lead but Brad Pitt steals the film as a psychiatric patient he meets on his travels.

Total Recall   Mon   3/7   ITV4 @ 22.00

A man gets a memory of a holiday implanted into his head but the procedure unlocks a whole mess of trouble for him. One of Arnold Schwarzeneggar's most intelligent and entertaining films that's still full of the carnage and action that made him famous. Great special effects and make up add to the fun. Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin and Michael Ironside make up a great supporting cast too. Not for the squeamish folks!

The Crazies   Tues   4/7   The Horror Channel @ 21.00

A strange toxin infects the water supply of a small town in Iowa and it turns the residents into homicidal maniacs. This remake of the 1970's George A. Romero horror is way better than it has any right to be thanks to a super cast including Radha Mitchell and Timothy Olyphant, loads of exciting action, a splash of nastiness and a healthy dose of tension. A great film to keep for a friday night with a load of beer and goodies.

Chronicle   Wed   5/7   Film4 @ 19.20

3 teenagers go exploring at a party and find themselves with superpowers after they make a strange discovery. Absolutely exhilarating stuff, the first half of the film is great fun watching these lads test the limits of what they can do until invariably things good wrong. Dane DeHann and Michael B. Jordan are excellent as the nerd and the jock of the group. This is a great antidote to your usual superhero movies.

Matinee   Fri   7/7   The Horror Channel @ 16.00

A consummate showman releases his new B-movie during the Cuban missile crisis of the early 60's to capitalise on the fear and uncertainty of the times. Joe Dante's lovingly crafted comedy is a glorious homage to the schlocky horror and sci-fi films of the time and John Goodman and Cathy Moriarty are great as the leads. A really entertaining film for all the family and a good cinematic history lesson to boot.

The Manchurian Candidate   Fri   7/7   TCM @ 18.25

Prisoners of war return from capture in the Korean War to America. But all is not well. To say anymore might spoil this magnificent piece of neo-noir. A truly suspenseful film, intelligent, inventive, paranoid, complex and deeply layered. Fabulous acting abounds. Frank Sinatra gives one of his best performances but the star of the show is Angela Lansbury. Her character is quite the creation, You won't be able to look away from her.

Breakheart Pass   Fri   7/7   TG4 @ 

Friday night western fun with Charles Bronson as a prisoner onboard a train containing medicine for an outbreak of disease in an army fort. Chaos ensues. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Action packed stuff that looks lovely too courtesy of some fantastic mountainous scenery. Bronson is always good value in a western and gets solid support from Ben Johnson, Jill Ireland and Richard Crenna.

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