Friday, 14 July 2017

The Unsung heroes of cinema part 17. Zeljko Ivanek

Željko Ivanek

This guy. Another one of those faces that turns up in everything. And a very recognisable face, always looking gaunt and drawn. Always an authority figure, be it a cop, a district attorney, an army superior, a teacher or a politician. And nearly always a prick. And a great prick he is. With a name that's as memorable as it is hard to pronounce.

He's been decked by angry Irish hitmen for complaining about smoking. He's hovered over Somali cities barking directions at the soldiers below. Taken on Jack Bauer. Shouted at Donnie Brasco. Been a muse of Lars Von Trier. The man who got Bjork the death sentence. Taken part in big budget actioners like the Bourne and X-men movies, Oscar winning movies and zero budget direct to video trash. He's been gracing our screen for 35 years now and he's got a hell of a resume

Greatest hits

In Bruges. The "Yankee cunt" who gets punched in revenge for John Lennon. Even though he's Canadian.

School Ties. The strict french teacher who ruins the lives of young men aiming for Ivy League educations

Oz. Governor James Devlin. A politician so scummy he might as well be in a Christmas pantomime. Gets shot by a Travis Bickle wannabe. And so deserves it.

True Blood. The Magister. A 546 year old Vampire and complete bollix. The man in charge of vampire law and a complete bastard. Gets a great death.

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