Saturday, 22 July 2017

10 films worth watching on TV this week

The Rover   Sat   22/7   TG4 @ 21.40

A man hunts down the men who wronged him in a post apocalyptic Australia. Sounds fierce familiar doesn't it? The Mad Max influence in this film is a bit more than blindingly obvious but its a much different film and one well worth a watch. The bleached out cinematography and the location makes it a lovely looking film and Guy Pearce as the lead is always excellent. It's pretty gritty though, not for everyone.

Cosmopolis   Sat   22/7   BBC2 @ 23.45

A young rich man tries to make his way across Manhattan in his limo and finds himself waylaid by numerous people and events during the course of his day. David Cronenberg's film is an unusual tale, even for him, but it's still highly watchable stuff. Odd, depressing in places, funny in others and very very talky. Robert Pattison is surprisingly excellent in the lead role with good support from Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti.

The Skin I Live In  Sun   22/7   BBC2 @ 23.45

A widowed doctor, obsessed with his work, develops and experiments on his new creation with the help of an unwilling subject. Pedro Almodóvar's unique take on horror is a stunner of a film, very dark, creepy and gripping. Antonio Banderas and Elena Anayas give career best performances too. It's a graphic movie and not for the faint of heart and will offend some people though. Be warned.

Went The Day Well?   Mon   23/7   TCM @ 15.00

A small English town is infiltrated by undercover German soldiers during World War 2. The villagers are having none of it though. Like a cross between Emmerdale and Where Eagles Dare, this is one very unique little war film. Made in 1942 and quite brutal for it's time, this is a cracking thriller, genuinely surprising in places and well acted by Leslie Fields in particular. Really worth watching, a very effective curio even if it is basically propaganda.

Side Effects   Mon   23/7   TG4 @ 21.30

 An anti depressive drug taken by a young woman has unexpected and far reaching side effects. To say any more would spoil the twists and turns of this cracking little thriller from Steven Soderbergh. There's more than a slight whiff of Hitchcock from the story but that is not a bad thing at all. Rooney Mara & Catherine Zeta Jones are great in this. Intriguing, twisty turny stuff that goes in directions you won't expect at all.

The Wicker Man   Wed   25/7   The Horror Channel @ 22.55

A police detective sent to a remote Scottish Island in search of a young missing girl finds himself very out of his depth. A true classic of a horror film. Not scary as such but deeply unsettling and extremely atmospheric. Edward Woodward puts in a career best performance as a man very pure of soul. Christopher Lee as always is brilliant as the local Lord. A film you genuinely won't ever forget.

Chinatown   Thurs   26/7   Film4 @ 00.55

A private detective hired to investigate an affair finds himself caught up in a web of water, corruption and disturbing family revelations. A beautifully acted and beautiful looking film and one that is deeply layered and labyrinthine. A classic that lives up to the hype. Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway are amazing. Director Roman Polanski is problematic but his work here is second to none. 

Demolition Man   Fri   27/7   Dave @ 21.00

In San Angeles 2032 a good guy out of time is brought into action to deal with a bad guy out of time. A brilliantly entertainingly action comedy. One of the best of the 90s. Sylvester Stallone is on great form as the hero, Sandra Bullock sparkles in a very early role and Wesley Snipes has an absolute whale of a time as a very bad man. A superb vision of the future too, a bright, clean, friendly nightmare of a future.

Invitation To A Gunfighter   Fri   27/7   TG4 @ 21.30

An American Civil War veteran returns home to find his life has been turned upside down and a man has been hired to kill him. But things don't go as expected. A baby faced George Segal plays the war vet but Yul Brynner steals the film from under him as a hired gun who does his own thing.  A very entertaining western but a thoughtful one too. Starts off slow but stick with it and see it build to a cracking finish,

Dredd   Fri   27/7   Film4 @ 22.50

A brilliant & bloody adaption of the cult British comic strip and one that's a million miles from the family fun of the recent Marvel comic book films. Judge Dredd and his new rookie have to take down a gang who have taken over a huge block of flats. Chaos ensues. Karl Urban plays Dredd in a perfectly grumpy & deadpan fashion & Lena Headey is good fun as his nemesis. Great gory fun. Don't watch if you are any way wimpy.

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