Monday, 24 July 2017

The unsung heroes of film and TV part 18. Keith David

Keith David

If you've ever watched a film you'll recognise this chap. He turns up in everything. EVERYTHING. And he's always brilliant. Be it comedy, westerns, drama, horror, war or action he always delivers. And that's why they keep hiring him. 

He's the man who came up with the phrase "Franks and beans." He survived Vietnam by just being sound. He's coerced heroin addicts into taking part in depraved sex shows. He's got the head beaten off him because he wouldn't put on sunglasses. He's been Seagal's best buddy. He's betrayed Chuck Norris. Voiced Greek gods. He's beaten up people with his fake leg. He's taken on Young Indiana Jones. He was in Road House for about 6 seconds. He survived an encounter with an Antarctic based shape shifting alien ( I think ). Been Tiger Wood's Da. Played a cartoon POTUS. His career is nothing if not varied. Check it out here.

Greatest Hits

The Thing. Childs. The only man in the film as hardy as Kurt Russell. Or is he?? Takes part in the one of the great all time ambiguous film endings.

Platoon. King. Soundest man in Vietnam. Can't spell at all. Likes his weed. Him surviving the film makes all the grimness worth while.

They Live. Frank. Buddy of Nada. Skeptical bloke. Takes part in the best fight scene  to ever grace a movie, all over a pair of magic sunglasses. Brilliance.

There's Something About Mary. Mary's father who loves to fuck with Ted. Gets the funniest line in the entire film.

Requiem For A Dream. Big Tim. Sleaze personified. Supplier of heroin and procurer of desperate women for sex shows. A prick.

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