Saturday, 12 August 2017

11 Films worth watching on TV this week

Alice In Wonderland   Sat   12/8   BBC2 @ 20.20

A woman lost in a fantasy land populated by the creatures of her childhood dreams and nightmares finds out her true destiny. Tim Burtons take on the tale is a feast for the eyes. A CGI fest but one chock full of imagination. Mia Wasikowska as Alice leads an amazing cast of British talent. Far from the definitive version but one that's plenty of fun and one that will look unreal in HD.

Song For A Raggy Boy   Sat   12/8   RTE1 @ 22.35

An ex soldier becomes a teacher at an Irish industrial school & stands up to the establishment after he witnesses the cruelty dished out by so called "men of god". An excellent but very very hard to watch film directed by Aisling Walsh that will rightly leave you shaking with anger. Aidan Quinn is solid in the lead role but Iain Glen and Marc Warren are so chilling in their parts that it will probably forever colour your views on them. 

Trash   Sun   13/8   RTE2 @ 00.15

3 young men in Rio De Janeiro who survive by scavenging in garbage make a life changing discovery in the trash and find themselves in a dangerous position. A funny, exciting and despite the situation, a feel good film that will engage your brain. One that makes superb use of it's favela locations too. The 3 leads (Rickson Tevez, Eduardo Luis & Gabriel Weinstein are local actors too and it's all adds to the authenticity. Well worth a look.

The Way   Sun   13/8   BBC2 @ 00.15

After a personal tragedy a man decides to set out on an adventure and finds out a lot about himself on the way. Martin Sheen stars in a lovely, gentle and thoroughly affecting film directed by his son Emilio Estevez. A love letter to both the bond between father & son and the Camino region of Spain. Sheen as always is superb and gets great assistance from James Nesbitt and Deborah Unger as the people he meets on his journey. 

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty   Mon   14/8   Film4 @ 18.50

A chronic day dreamer trying to save his job finds himself on an adventure that tops anything even his wildest imagination could come up with. A fantastic bit of family fun right here. Highly entertaining, imaginative, exhilarating, lovely looking and ably led by Ben Stiller who for once is surprisingly likeable. Nice support too from the always welcome Kristen Wiig and Kathryn Hahn.

Midnight In Paris   Mon   14/8   TG4 @ 21.30

A novelist holidaying in Paris struggles with writer's block but finds some pretty fantastic inspiration on his nightly walks. But his inspiration pulls him away from his real life. Woody Allen's romantic comedy is a lovely, sweet bit of whimsy that's a lot lighter than some of his other tales but that's not a bad thing. Very solid support from Alison Pill, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Kathy Bates and Marion Cotillard all adds to the fun.

Moby Dick   Tues   15/8   TCM @ 15.00

This film adaption of the famous Herman Melville tale of obsession follows Captain Ahab and his all consuming hunt for a giant whale that took his leg many years before. A very atmospheric and complex tale that's all wrapped up in a cracking bit of adventure. And all carried by a fantastic performance from Gregory Peck with great back up from Richard Basehart as Ishmael and Leo Genn as Starbuck.

30 Days Of Night   Wed   16/8   Film4 @ 22.45

Vampires descend on a small Alaskan town that is engulfed in darkness for the winter months. It gets bad. A full blooded roar of a horror film. This is as far from Twilight as a vampire movie can get. Full on, vicious, terrifying stuff. If you are squeamish don't apply but if you like your horror films red and dripping you'll love this. Melissa George and Josh Hartnett are good but Danny Huston in a wordless role owns the film. 

Dr Terror's House Of Horrors   Thurs   17/8   The Horror Channel @ 21.00

On board a night train a fortune teller reveals the futures of 5 strangers. They are not going to like what they hear.  A gloriously cheesy and fun anthology movie from the golden age of British horror that isn't scary in the least but is very entertaining. The 2 stalwarts of the era, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing show up in great form and Donald Sutherland makes an appearance as a follow guest. 

Cape Fear   Fri   18/8   TCM @ 18.50

A lawyer in a small town finds himself and his family in danger for their lives when a convict he put away returns looking for payback. A lot more restrained and believable than the 1991 version and much better for it. Dark, scary, thrilling stuff with brilliant performances from Gregory Peck and especially Robert Mitchum as Max Cady, one of the all time great movie villains. 

Panic Room   Fri   18/8   TV3 @ 23.10

A woman and her daughter find themselves trapped in their panic room during a home invasion. And what the invaders want is in the room with them. Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart are excellent in David Fincher's little cracker of a thriller. It's a simple but fierce effective film, scary, fast moving and with a little touch of humour here and there. Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam are fun as the villains of the piece.

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