Friday, 4 August 2017

The unsung heroes of cinema and TV part 20. David Morse

David Morse

The king of "THAT LAD, WHAT DO I KNOW HIM FROM??" The head that has launched a million IMDB searches. Has turned up in bucketloads of film and tv since the 80's and is always a reliable presence. Like most of these actors, he started in TV, put in his time and eventually broke into films. A big lump of a bloke. Full of authority so no real surprise that he regularly plays cops and soldiers. A 37 year old career and still going strong and always in demand. One of those actors who makes you smile when the turns up because you know he won't disappoint you. Check out his career here.

He's been the first president of the United States. A racist Baltimore scumbag. A loyal friend to a rogue Lieutenant. A vicious torturing bastard of an assassin. He's played a rare lead role in films based on Bruce Springsteen songs. Too many cops to even begin to mention. A drink driver who decimated a family. Been in a Macaulay Culkin film that was banned in the UK. Half of a brotherly team of hitmen. Bjork's brutish husband. Jodie Foster's Da in a scene that would make a glass eye cry. A CIA agent with no teeth and he's just about to play yet another U.S President. I'm amazed he's not a massive star and its a pity.

Greatest Hits

The Rock. Tom Baxter. A good man on a doomed mission. Strong sense of loyalty. Doesn't deal well with bullets.

The Green Mile. Plays a Death row guard called Brutal. And his temperament matches his name. But don't cross him and he's sound. Has a soft spot for mice and men who's names sound like drinks.

The Long Kiss Goodnight. Daedalus. An interrogator/killer named after a Greek legend. Underestimates Geena Davis. A huge mistake.

Brotherhood Of The Rose. A late 80's TV movie thats deffo worth tracking down. Plays Remus. Has a brother called Romulus. They kill people. And they are good at it.

The Indian Runner. A rare lead role. Plays Joe and puts in an immense performance in a dark dark film that has an amazing cast.

Treme. Terry. The nicest cop in the Big Easy. Rocks a serious moustache. Gets a happy ending. 

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