Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Things I want to see on the big screen. Tom Hanks going to the darkside.

I want to see Tom Hanks mow down a load of OAP's.

Or something to that effect.

I love Tom Hanks. I think he's great. He seems like a grand chap. He's starred a lot of feel good films that I've enjoyed over the years.. Big, The Money Pit, Splash and Dragnet as a young lad and Catch Me If You Can as an adult. He's always value for money. He never gives a bad performance and he's always good to watch. He's the James Stewart of our generation. The dependable everyman who people look up to. The actor the cool cineaste people claim not to like but you know they do(don't bother lying). He's always sound. Even when he's murdering gangsters in The Road To Perdition or being a shifty political type in Charlie Wilson's War he's still likeable

Still likeable.

I want to see him go dark. I want to see him be malice personified. To be utterly unlikeable. 

He went towards the dark side in the recent (piece of shit) film 'The Circle' as a morally dodgy Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg type but its not far enough. I want DARK. I want roles like -

Lee Marvin in The Big Heat.

Michael Rooker in Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.

Mrs Danvers in Rebecca.

Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men.

Henry Fonda in Once Upon A Time In The West. (this is the one to live up to)

Kathy Bates in Misery.

James Woods in Cop.

All pricks.

I want to see him do stuff like that. I love an actor brave enough to go full dark. I emphasised Henry Fonda above. Fonda was a big star from the Forties to the Sixties and was a Hollywood go-to good guy too. He was always a strong moral centre of a film in things like My Darling Clementine, 12 Angry Men and The Ox-Bow Incident to name but a few. Audiences were used to seeing him like this, they expected this persona. Then OUATITW came along and blew those expectations out of the water. In a time before film magazine and review shows and websites full of spoilers no one expected anything different. Then the film opens with his character Frank, hired killer, murdering a family, kids and all. Oh Jesus I can't even begin to imagine how appalled audiences must have been. It's telling that after almost 50 yers that when the film is mentioned most people remember him as the baddie and not Charles Bronson as the hero.

That's what I want for Hanks. 

I want moral bankruptcy. I want no redemption. I want him to be an irredeemable fucking bastard.

He would be great. 

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