Saturday, 24 June 2017

10 films worth watching on freeview TV this week

White Heat   Sat   24/6   TG4 @ 21.20

A criminal with a strange obsession escapes from jail and sets out to commit a big heist with the help of his old accomplices. One of the all time best gangster films right here. 68 years old and still packs a wicked punch courtesy of a strong storyline, great quotable hard boiled dialogue and a career best performance from James Cagney as the man with the plan. Even if you haven't seen this film you'll recognise lines and influences from it. Great stuff.

Barry Lyndon   Sat   24/6   RTE2 @ 23.55

The life and times of a young chancer in 18th century Ireland. who is forced him out of the country and has no choice but to join the British army. One of Stanley Kubrick's least talked about films but one of his most entertaining and human ones. Ryan O'Neal plays the lead, and ya his accent is ropey in places but he does a good job. A lovely looking film too. It's pace may be offputting to some but stick with it and you'll love it.

The Purge   Sat   24/6   CH4 @ 23.15

In the near future, for one night a year all crimes are legal, and people use this night to settle all their scores. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey find themselves and their family under siege. A great original premise that will make you think about what you would do in this situation, convincing acting and some brutal action turn this into a very intriguing and watchable little thriller. 

Rio Bravo   Sun   25/6   ITV4 @ 12.35

A sheriff trying to defend his little town enlists an unlikely crew of people to help him in his job after he arrests the brother of a violent criminal. One of the all time quintessential westerns, this Howard Hawks directed movie is gorgeous to look at, it's great fun, some super action and sees John Wayne give a performance that shows just why he was so popular. Dean Martin is fine in support too and sings some lovely ditty's.

Eyes Of Laura Mars   Mon    26/6   Horror Channel @ 22.55

A fashion photographer develops psychic abilities that allow her to see through the eyes of a serial killer as he does he nefarious deeds. A bizarre film but one filled with some real suspense and one that gives us a superbly authentic view of New York in the 70's. Faye Dunaway is cracking in the lead and Tommy Lee Jones gives good support. Nice cast too with Brad Dourif and Raul Julia in tow.

The Ladykillers   Tues   27/6   Film4 @ 12.45

A motley crew of criminals pretend to be musicians so they can kill a little old lady and rob a bank. Things do not go to plan. Another classic from Ealing studios and one of the funniest English films ever made. This is a film that will make you laugh, proper big belly laughs. It's so much fun and with a killer cast. Alec Guinness in the lead is brilliant, and why wouldn't he be with top notch support from Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom.

Logan's Run   Wed   28/6   Syfy @ 21.00

Life in the future is paradise. No one has to work and you have everything you need. The one catch. You die when you reach the age of 30. One man decides to buck the system. Grim premise aside this is great fun to watch, dated as hell ( the clothes, the hair, the FX, it all screams 70's ) but it all adds to the fun of the film. Michael York and Jennifer Agutter are good value as the leads too. A highly entertaining bit of sci-fi,

Argo   Wed   28/6   RTE1 @ 21.35

A group of Americans find themselves trapped during the 1979 Iranian revolution and a government worker comes up with a very unorthodox way to rescue them. Ben Affleck's 3rd film as director is a thoroughly entertaining and surprisingly funny film despite the serious subject matter. Affleck is solid as the main star but Alan Arkin and John Goodman are brilliant and steal the film from under him.

Rear Window   Thurs   29/6   Film4 @ 13.45

A photographer with a broken leg and a lot of time to kill starts to notice suspicious goings on in the apartment block he lives in and overlooks. Alfred Hitchcock's thriller is an absolute cracker of a film. Funny, totally absorbing and littered with tension, lovely characters and great set-pieces. So influential too. James Stewart and Grace Kelly as the leads are an absolute joy to watch. This is a film everyone, young and old, will love.

Kill Bill Vol 1   Fri   30/6   W @ 21.00

A woman takes revenge on the crime syndicate that killer her husband on their wedding day and left her for dead. Quentin Tarantino's blackly comic action thriller is uproariously entertaining stuff. Packed with humour and violence that will make your jaw drop. It's so OTT though that you can't take any of it seriously. Uma Thurman is brilliant in the lead role, and carries it all well. Lucy Liu and Vivica A. Fox are good in nasty villain mode too.

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