Thursday, 15 June 2017

Unsung heroes of Cinema. Part 11. Beth Grant.

You recognise their faces but you aren't quite sure where from. You see them and go "HER!! I see her in everything" and then you forget them. There's a fleeting recognition that disappears as soon as they die in, usually, violent ways. These are the actors that if, IF, you notice them, don't turn up in the opening credits of a film. In fact you'll have to do some pretty lengthy searching of the closing scrolling credits to find them

Beth Grant

An actress I've noticed in film and tv for years but I still had to look up her name. A supporting star par excellence. In it for the long run. 200 plus acting roles over a near 40 year career. Say her name and people will look at you cock-eyed but then they will go "HER!!" when she appears. Always plays a woman who is high strung or on the edge of cracking. She's mothered superstar artists, been killed by ripped off drug dealers, dated Dwight K. Schrute, been blown up by Dennis Hopper, been a KKK supporting racist wagon, been the 1st lady and avoided Japanese bullets at Pearl Harbor. Check out her career here

Greatest hits

A Time To Kill. The hateful mother of Freddie Lee Cobb and Billy Ray Cobb. A nasty part.

Speed. The woman who freaks out on the bus and gets blown to kingdom come for her troubles.

Six Feet Under. Gets a great scene as a religious zealot who thinks a load of sex dolls floating into the sky is the beginning of Judgement Day and who promptly runs in front of a truck.

Jackie. Plays Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of Lyndon B, the man sworn in to presidency after JFK was shot.

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