Monday, 19 June 2017

The Unsung Heroes Of Cinema Part 12. William Forysthe

You recognise their faces but you aren't quite sure where from. You see them and go "HIM!! I see him in everything" and then you forget them. There's a fleeting recognition that disappears as soon as they die in, usually, violent ways. These are the actors that if, IF, you notice them, don't turn up in the opening credits of a film. In fact you'll have to do some pretty lengthy searching of the closing scrolling credits to find them

William Forsythe.

The man who shot Bobby Lupo. He was Noodle's friend with the wonky eye. He's questioned Sean Connery. He's played Al Capone. He's taken on Raylan Givens. He's faced off against John and Poncherello. He's starred in some of the most underrated films of the 90's and you never hear his name mentioned ever. A great character actor. Usually called on to play a horrible bastard and looks like the kind of chap would take the eye from your head while giggling but sometimes, sometimes gets to play a nice guy. But the kind of nice guy that will kill you. For the greater good of course.

Bobby Lupo is about to get ventilated
Greatest Hits

Once Upon A Time In America. Cockeye, lifelong friend of Noodles ( Robert De Niro). A big time bootlegger during the prohibition. Things don't end well for him.

Out For Justice. Plays Richie Madano. Crackhead villian extraordinaire. Decides to go on a suicidal drug fueled rampage around Brooklyn before Steven Seagal does enough damage to him with kitchen implements to kill him a dozen times. A joy to behold.

The Rock. FBI agent Paxton. A tough customer. Not a man to be trifled with.has a soft spot for grizzled Scottish folk. Turns into a decent individual near the end.

Boardwalk Empire. Manny Horvitz. The head of the Jewish mob in Philadelphia. Hardy bastard. Handy with a meat cleaver.

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