Sunday, 18 June 2017

Simple pleasures

It was 24 degrees in Limerick today. And it was glorious. I'm not a sun worshipper at all but when you are out on a bike in this weather its just fantastic. You create your own little breeze and you just sail around the place feeling happy out.

Westfield wetlands. Less than a mile from the city centre and a place so many people don't know about

I had a bad bike accident in 2014 where i broke my left shoulder and right wrist and only now am i tentatively dipping my toe back into cycling. I don't go far, 12 miles is my max as my shoulder starts to kill me but that's a perfect distance for cycling around Limerick city.

Clancy Strand park

Limerick is a great city to cycle around. It's gimpy mostly one way traffic system means traffic can never go too fast which is perfect for cyclists. Plus its full of cycle paths and lovely parks to take a break in. Plus look at all that river frontage. Great place to catch a breeze and your breath. It's a gorgeous city on a sunny day.

O'Callaghan Strand.

My fave park is the People's Park.  Dominated by a monument of Thomas Spring Rice and full of lovely shady trees its a perfect place to lie down in the grass with a book and a drink and chill out. I always have a book in my backpack for these sunny occasions too. I'm all about the relaxation.

Aww yisss

As you can see my cycle today wasn't very strenuous, loads of breaks and sitting down. It's too hot to go baytin around the place. I'll leave that for the colder weather.

Mungret Park

The park near my gaff. Always my last stop on a cycle and perfect to chill out in and warm down.

Now i'm at home eating a Mr Freeze and watching The Godfather Part 2. 

Nice simple way to spend a Sunday.

It's the simple things that are the best.

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