Monday, 26 June 2017

My 10 best films of the year so far

Not sure if many will agree but it's been a fine fine year for films so far. Just ignore the absolute state of the above picture.

My 10 best so far. In no particular order.

The Lost City Of Z  A magnificent return to old style film making. An epic tale of a man's obsession with exploration. And a fascinating true story to boot.

Prevenge  A pregnant woman is driven to homicidal rage by voice she assumes is coming from her womb. A viciously dark and twisty British comedy with a thoroughly satisfying storyline. 

I Am Not Your Negro  An essential documentary about the dark racist heart of America. A documentary we all need to see. Especially now.

The Red Turtle   A dialogue free animated film about a man on a deserted island and the creature he meets. Studio Ghibli strikes again. A magical fairytale of a film.

Logan  The film X-Men fans waited 17 years to see and goddamn it did not disappoint. Vicious, mayhem filled stuff with a real touch of emotion to it.

Raw  A vegetarian is forced to eat meat and it changes her horrifically. A lurid, queasy slice of brilliance.

The Lego Batman Movie  Just awesome fun. I know i won't laugh as much as at anything again this year.

Colossal  Alcoholism, failed lives, disappointment, gigantic monsters. This film defies explanation and it's all the better for it. Anne Hathaway & Jason Sudekis are amazing.

Wonder Woman  Finally DC films get something right in this new age of comic book films. That trench scene. *Goosebumps*

The Girl With All The Gifts  A magnificent little sci-fi horror that manages the reinvigorate tired old zombie tropes and cliches into something absolutely fresh and gripping.

The worst

CHIPS  Nasty mean spirited muck. Michael Peña deserves to be in better films than this.

Baywatch  Utter fucking muck. I judge myself for paying to see this. 

Assassin's Creed  I got drawn in by the Irish cast like a fool. An awful film, overlong and still feels like massive chunks are missing. GIbberish, full of plot holes's shite.

The most disappointing.

Silence  A new Martin Scorsese film is always something to look forward to but this just killed me. I've no problem with slow moving films ( growing up watching westerns acclimatised me ) but this was just ridiculous. I lost all interest in the film and got to the stage where I was clock watching instead of screen watching. The film had its moments of course but they were so few and far between that they lost all impact. Plus Andrew Garfield, I mean I like the chap but he was like a lost puppy in this.

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