Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A perfect pairing of sound and vision part 1. A short piece.

The perfect piece of music can turn a film scene from great to sublime. 

Part 1 in a series i hope i can keep up.

Some huge spoilers if you haven't seen the film before.

The last 10 minutes of The Last Of The Mohicans. Quite possibly the best piece of action I've ever seen. Exhilarating and heartbreaking in equal measure. Amazing stuff. Cinematic Nirvana. Sound and vision just working perfectly together. Michael Mann's masterpiece imho.

The music piece is called Promentory and was written by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman.

P.S Do not under an circumstances take any notice of the rubbery rock at 5.36. But I probably shouldn't have mentioned that should I. Oops.

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