Friday, 16 June 2017

11 Films Worth Looking Up On Freeview TV This Week

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof   Sat   17/6   BBC2 @ 14.30

A birthday party brings a family together but secrets, tensions, illness and forbidden longings threaten to spill over. A powerful and multi layered southern set melodrama based on the famous Tennessee Williams play. Paul Newman is the most famous name in the film and is great in his role but Burl Ives and especially Elizabeth Taylor give career best performances here.

Tracks   Sat   17/6   TG4 @ 21.30

A woman with a troubled past embarks on a near 2000 mile trek across an Australian desert with only her dog and a few camels for company. Sounds a bit boring eh? Well it's far from it. The desert is a scenic paradise containing some great characters for our lead to interact with. A glorious looking film with a superb low key lead performance from Mia Wasikowska and good fun support from Adam Driver.

Easy A   Sat   17/6   E4 @ 21.00

A clean cut goodie two shoes decides to spread lies about herself in school to get a reputation. She enjoys her new found notoriety until...... The film that made Emma Stone a star. She's just perfect in this, natural, sensitive, fragile and at times flat out hilarious. Stanley Tucci & Patricia Clarkson are just magic as her parents too. A very entertaining film that will make you so happy you aren't in school anymore.

Shooting For Socrates   Sun   18/6   RTE1 @ 00.45

The mid 80's in Belfast weren't the best of times but all football mad 9 year old Tommy can think of its the upcoming 1986 world cup in Mexico. A charming little tale with a great Irish cast including Conleth Hill, Bronagh Gallagher and Richard Dormer all on good form. The kind of film where you know how it will end but the joy is in the journey and the period details.

Man On Fire   Sun   18/6   Film4 @ 23.20

The late great Tony Scott's epic revenge thriller sees Denzel Washington as a washed up ex mercenary who gets a second shot at life when he becomes bodyguard to a young girl in Mexico City. Until it all goes arseways. Denzel is excellent in this gritty, brutal tale that still finds time for a few rays of light. Radha Mitchell & Dakota Fanning are great in support and there's a super little Christopher Walken cameo too.

The Man Who Knew Too Much   Tues   20/6   Film4 @ 16.20

An American family take an impulsive trip to Morocco and finds themselves in the midst of an assassination attempt and their lives are immediately in dangerous. Sounds heavy but this is one of Alfred Hitchcock's lighter and more fun films. James Stewart and Doris Day lead the film and are delightful as their roles as always. A highly entertaining and suspenseful film worth recording for a rainy Sunday,

Green Street   Tues   20/6   ITV4 @ 22.00

A yank on holiday in London is drawn into the world of football hooliganism and finds that he is both drawn to the violence and the friends he makes. Elijah Wood & Charlie Hunnam lead the cast of this Lexi Alexander directed drama. Wood is good as the outsider and if you can get over Hunnam's awful London accent you'll like this film. A gritty slice of life with a great supporting cast. Be warned. Liberal amounts of violence & language abound.

Witchfinder General   Wed   21/6   Horror Channel @ 21.00

Matthew Hopkins was a self professed witchfinder who roamed 17th century Britain and used village superstitions to execute women accused of witchcraft and make a name for himself. Chilling and oppressive stuff based on true life tales thats once again topical in these days of religious extremism. Vincent Price plays the role of a lifetime here in a film that's not exactly a horror but will creep the hell out of you.

All That Heaven Allows   Fri   23/6   Film4 @ 15.00

A heartbreaker of a story about a widowed woman who falls for a man that her family and friends disapprove of, perceiving him to be of a lower social stature than her. Douglas Sirk's classic is a film that frowns upon snobbery and supposed social mores all that while showing just what a parent is willing to sacrifice for the happiness of their children. Superb acting from Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. An excellent film, well ahead of its time. 

Out For Justice   Fri   23/6   ITV4 @ 23.05

Classic 90's action right here as Brooklyn cop Gino searches the city for the man who shot his partner & an innocent bystander for seemingly no good reason. A blunt battering ram of a film but one that is so so entertaining. Steven Seagal kicks ass well but the film belongs to William Forsythe as the main villain. He's just brilliant, a sleazy, slavering, murderous slimeball who burns up the screen. BTW, this is the most pro-mafia film ever!

The Goodbye Girl   Fri   23/6   RTE1 @ 23.40

A woman finds herself in dire financial straits and is forced to let a stranger live with herself and her daughter. This comedy drama from the pen of Neil Simon is a thoroughly charming little film. Funny, sad, romantic and totally absorbing. Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfuss are great as two people who initially can't stand each other. Superb chemistry between them as well. A perfect Friday night film to chill out to.

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